I am an undergraduate researcher in the Shweta Bansal Laboratory at Georgetown, a disease ecology and network science research lab. Learn more about the lab here.

My research interests lie in the dynamics and the geographic distribution of influenza epidemics in the United States. My current project focuses on how we can use the characteristics of flu epidemics to define a geography of the U.S. that illustrates what parts of the country experience similar flu seasons. 

The data-driven approach I take to define epidemiologically relevant regions that are optimized for ease of implementation demonstrates an application of network science to inform spatial public health policy for infectious disease surveillance and control.

On June 12, 2018 I traveled to Paris, France to present my research titled “Defining an Epidemiological Geography of the United States: Influenza Case Study” at the Integrating Empirical Data in Network Epidemiology” (IODINE) symposium as a part of the NetSci 2018 conference.
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