I am passionate about science and I care deeply about the pursuit of knowledge, but pursuing knowledge for the sake of pursuing knowledge is a misguided endeavor. I am interested in how we can apply science to public policy in order to find common sense solutions to the problems facing our country. My piece titled REACHing for Safety was published in 10 Ideas, the premier policy journal for the Roosevelt Institute in 2016 (read here on page 19). Other pieces include HealthyFoodsForAll which describes ways that the State of North Carolina can alleviate food deserts in different communities and  ContamiNATION, which highlights ways in which we can change how Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) operate in order to reduce environmental contamination. 

Other work

I have also written a meta-analysis on food allergies and how the early introduction of food allergens can prevent the development of childhood food allergies, read here: Early_Introduction_Allergens

Check out my latest blog posts for the Georgetown University Global Health Initiative about how we can use network science as a means to counter global health threats here and about my presentation at IODINE here.